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Embossing machine
combined with special roll winder and roll wrapping machine

The Möller embossing machine is mainly used for embossing gift wrap and table-cover paper. The machine frame is consisting of a stable and solid steel construction:

That makes the machine safe and robust. Depending on the machine type one or two pairs of rollers can be used, reducing the change over time between
embossing designs to up to 10 minutes only!

Different embossing systems can be brought into action:

Steel - steel, steel - paper as well as cold and hot embossing. The embossed material is then processed and wrapped on a Möller winding and folding machine. A good idea, especially for the manufacturing of paper table-cover or gift wrap paper rolls.

The embossing station: Different patterns are applied on the material


Working width

PK 80

 765 mm / 30"

PK 100

1000 mm / 40"

PK 125

1250 mm / 50"



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