The complete know-how under one roof!

Paul and Ursula Möller established in 1985 an enterprise that meanwhile with more than 50 employees, not only all over Germany, but also world wide is held in high repute.

From the beginning it is the individual customer requirement that defines the pulsation and company policy:

Because of the flexibility Möller is well recognised and established in the paper industry today.

At first, Möller focused on the design and the manufacturing of roll winding machines. With the successful production of these machines, Möller manufactured and added the roll wrapping machines to the roll winding lines.

Later, folding machines for tissue, large and medium size table-cover, as well as embossing machines were added.

The range of Möller machinery lines is constantly improved and supplemented to be in tune with the market requirements. Every individual machine is assembled, installed and commissioned with great accuracy:

So the highest quality can be assured for the long term benefits of our customers.

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